Break ups · Heart broken · Love · Relationship problems · short story


She loved him more than anything. Everything she did was because of him, and for him, but it was never enough. Every mistake she made was just another thing for everyone to ridicule.

She struggled silently, never wanting to let anyone see what was behind the facade which masked her despair. To the world she looked unwilling, unkind, unmotivated, but inside she wanted nothing more than to be like everyone else. But unfortunately she was held down by her own inner demons.

Her mind was breaking down, and her heart was just breaking. When he told her he loved her, she couldn’t help but think ‘not truly’. She believed that no one could ever really love someone like her. She was nothing but a broken mess of a person, never good enough to be unconditionally loved by anyone.

Their future was planned, but it was never to become a reality. She clung onto the dream, but she was alone in this.
She held on, he let go. She fell back, only to hit rock bottom.
Eventually he came back, but only for a brief moment. When the excitement was gone, and things got complicated he let her fall back once again, never to return.

But this time she knew better than to let her self get weighed down by false hopes and dreams. She moved on, and didn’t let sadness consume her again.

Life goes on, and there are plenty more fish in the sea. But for now she wanted to be alone, and work on building a relationship with herself again. Because who will love you if you can’t even love yourself?

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